Building Competition Robots?

I was wondering just what you can do and still pass the inspection. Because I have bought non-vex washers and the smaller screws because the ones with the motors strip out easily. Also I am using screen material on the bottom to cover the gears. And can you modify some of the vex materials such as the delrin bearings, drive shaft locks ect. to work in tight places. And anyone has any other thoughts of what would be allowed please post! Thanks!

Take a look at this here. This is the inspection checklist that will be used at competition. One of the things that the teams I’ve been on have always done is go through that checklist before a competition. If there is anything on there that you are not in compliance with you will not be allowed to compete. So for one thing that screen on the bottom of your robot would need to come off. For the screws and washer as long as they are exactly the same you should be fine. In general modifying VEX parts is ok except for electronics.

Good luck!

Corpralchee does this mean that you can now chemicaly alter vex? I was under the impression that any type of chemcal alterations like burning string or welding were strictly illegal.

That is true, it is illegal to alter the parts through melting, welding, etc.


How does what I said bring you to that conclusion?

I just looked at that check list and chemical altering wasn’t listed at all. I thought that was the rule so I was just surprised when I actually looked at the list.

It’s listed in the regular robot manual, if not the actual checklist.

It isn’t specifically listed on the inspection checklist but it’s there. At the bottom the last 3 items refer to rule <R9>. <R9> b refers to not welding soldering etc. and the second item of those three is referencing that rule, even though it sounds a little different.