building ideas

i thought it would be cool to have a thread to just post ideas

i have a couple but dont have anoughf parts for

a card dealing bot,one that can write my name,play the piano,type on the computer,shoot water ballonscut grass,cleen up doggy bussiness:D that one might be the most helpful …lol… ,theys are just some ideas so if you have ideas that you dont have parts or time to build post your ideas incase someone else needs ideas:D

note im not good @ spelling 4 7th grade lol

if i ever get time i’d like to build a robot that either has a vaccum cleaner on it or a broom so it could go and sweep my room while i do something else

and when it snows i’d like to try to build a sno-mobile

heres a breif view of a vacuum bot
my site >>> vacuumbot

I got bored and decided to tear my moms small vacuum cleaner appart

man that is one weird-looking bot:eek:

dude i was just thinking of that last night

Check out these building ideas:

hey,the killer’s vex drive,one of ur things talks 'bout vex’s & paintball guns well i’m in the process of building my own paintball warrior,i’m buying a bounch of parts right now!!

How about a robot that could feed your pets? :wink:

A scoop on the end of an arm, and you could build a robot that can scoop up dry cat or dog food, drive over to their food bowl, and pour it in. Bonus points if you can also refill their water bowl while you’re at it. (Just don’t ever depend on a Vex robot to feed your pets if you go on vacation!)

Or how about a robot that can pick up a can of soda or a snack, and drive across the room to give to someone (or yourself!).

If you live in a northern and snowy clime, build a Vex snow-mobile or snow-plow. Building a robot to shovel show is not as easy at it looks, and this can prove a fun challenge. Plus, when you’re done, you can sit and have your Vex robot shovel a few inches of snow off sidewalks for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any sort of Lionel trains around your house, build a crane to load or unload things into the train cars. If you really want to get fancy, you can add an electromagnet to the end of the crane and load and unload magnetic objects like steel nails.

Or maybe you just want something simple; build a robot that can turn on or off a light-switch and be able to drive around the room. Now you can turn the lights off or on for the room you’re in without ever leaving your desk/chair/bed/etc.

And if you get really stumped, just look around your house for ideas. Maybe you have a bunch of houseplants or those mini indoor palm trees that need to be watered. Anything like this can become an idea for a robot. :smiley:

Sorry for going offtopic…

The free (and better) Mozilla Firefox Internet browser is your friend. Besides than being better and safer than Internet Explorer, it has a built in spell-checker that works just like Microsoft Word when you post to forums like this. :wink:

ya the electro magnet would be cool or you could use the magnet to pick up all the vex parts off your floor:D

sombody used a gripper from ace hardware store and made a bot that could hand a drink to him heres the link

i would like to find out how he says that the robot starts up by moving the arm to a “set position”. im guessing it has something to do with the sensor connected to the one axle in one of the pictures.

For on vacation or something (though you shouldnt) you would need multiple, periodically power-rotating batteries… thats another situation…

or you could try and find an ac-adapter, although i think someone else tried and failed…

I recently got snow at my house and i placed a large c-channel on front of a four wheel drive bot with a five pound weight for extra traction on slipery ice and snow. It ate the rechargable batteries because of the spining of the tires but i could push snow into large piles and make a path clear of snow with it in only a few minutes.