Building the DR4B

I’ve found tips here and there in the VEX forum, but I don’t know how to build a DR4B off of those tips and images. Does anybody have “thorough” instructions for building a DR4B?

did a forum search for dr4b guide… DR4B Tutorial by 333A (pretty thorough starting point)


Use thicc gears and a lot of bearing flats, along with the thicker axel if you can.

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Kepler Electronics made a great video explaining, and how to build the DR4B here:

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The 333A tutorial was already linked by DougMoyers, but I included it here to have a nice collection of links for you.

Double Reverse Four Bar (DR4B or RD4B) - PSig

DR4B attachment help - VEXF

The Kepler Electronics Guide To The DR4B - Kepler yt

DR4B Tutorial by 333A - google doc

DR 4+8 B lift gif - VEXF

DR6B lift example - image