Building the Goals

I was wondering if anyone has built anyone of the goals this year out of just regular pvc piping if so had did you do it, because my team would like to have a full field set up but don’t want to pay the $500 for the field kit. We already have about 20 barrels and balls. If no one has I can play around with it myself but was just wondering so I could save myself a little time.

We have built some goals. We used 3/4" PVC pipe and 1/2" plywood. We cut five lengths of PVC to the desired height of the goal and we used the template found under Appendix A --> Low Cost Field Options which is part of the manual. After tracing the template, we drilled 1-1/8" holes for the PVC pipe. Once you make two rings for the goal, you can slide the PVC pipes through and hot glue around the holes to secure them. If you need more information, I can post detailed instructions with pictures, but these are all the dimensions.

  • Adam

Thanks I didn’t realize that this existed

Yeah no problem. It’s easy to miss.