Building tricks

This will be a thread to post building tricks you use. For an example we have a trick where we will hammer the end of a shaft to avoid using a shaft collar.

Tbh that sounds like a bad idea…


It suprizingly works really well and stays on better than a shaft collar. We have never had something come off when we did it. It works great for tight spaces. Though you have to be careful not to bend the shaft.

It might not come out, but it will have significantly more friction…


We haven’t had anymore friction than with normal shafts

That’s a bad idea. You might accidentally bend something.

Anyway, there’s the trick of putting tape on the end of a wrench to stick a nut to to reach hard areas. That saved me countless times.


It is a pretty awesome hack that QCC2 used on their robots and shared with teams. Our teams use the technique all the time. You have to know what to do - for example, don’t wack the end of the shaft while it is attached to the robot.

but then you can’t put things on the end of that shaft ever again? just seems like hitting pieces that are already prone to damage with a hammer would be cause for some jankage.


You can you just file it to reuse it

eh, I think I’ll stick with shaft collars for now, but hey, if it works for you.

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Ya we use shaft collars when we can but when we are too tight on space we do it

I guess I can see how that saves space.

in the case of QCC2 - once the robot has won Worlds, why would you disassemble it :slight_smile: