Building VRC Robots in Blender

To the people who build their robots in Inventor, Solidworks, SketchUp, Blender, or any other application, & animators:

I’ve been looking all over the internet and the forum to figure out how to build a VRC robot in Blender 2.79.
I’m also going to make a Game Animation for the 2019 Online Challenge this year and been wanting to build a functional robot that I can make in Blender like this team submitted, and the Online Challenge requires to use VEX robot parts. The video that I linked shows VEX parts being used in Blender.

I have used Inventor before, but there are certain file types that Blender supports if I choose to import a robot made in Inventor to Blender.

The bottom line? I want to either build robots in Blender itself, (Which I don’t know how to do) or Import from a CAD software such as Inventor. (Which Blender supports certain file types)

Help is always appreciated! :wink:

In my experience, it is not easy to use blender for cad, so i would not recommend using blender to build the robot. If you build a robot in Inventor (and I assume any cad software) is you can export the assembly as a .obj file (in Inventor this is File>Export>Cad Format, and then select obj)
Note: the model will take a long time to import into blender because of the number of polys.
Once the model is imported, it will have a ridiculously high poly count that is not ideal. You can fix this pretty easily by going into edit mode, selecting the mesh, Pressing Alt-J (Tris to Quads) and removing doubles (Transform>Remove>Remove Doubles in the left sidebar) make sure to set the merge distance somewhere from 0.01-0.03)
Blender will only import the diffuse color of the material, and so the materials will not look great. If you are making a game animation, you should probably make better materials.

I haven’t exported many vex objects to blender, but with other objects, I found that setting the mesh resolution low when you export, will keep a similar topology whilst also reducing the poly count.