Built-in motor velocity PID issue?

Hi guys,

The switch to v5 has been relatively smooth (and I say relatively since we’ve had our fair share of battery/brain issues here and there), but today we got some of the weirdest issues I’ve seen so far: The built-in motor velocity PID stopped working properly on all of the base motors for the bot without any code changes, and with it, absolute and relative movement using encoders (again, using the build-in PID). The motors are 100 RPM torque motors, but using the velocity setting functions, the motors stutter very often (once every ~5 seconds), and using absolute/relative movement methods for each motor results in a similar stutter. The short-term solution to this was to use voltage controls rather than relying on the built-in PID, but interestingly enough, in auton mode, the motors moved at an extremely slow speed unless I also set them as 600 RPM motors in the code (despite using 100 RPM motors physically, and going at full speed in teleop). I’m really confused with this, so any help would be appreciated.

My first instinct is to point at a code problem with the behavior that you are describing. Mind sharing some of your code?

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