Bumper and limit switches?

Are bumper switches stronger than limit switches for the 3D printer that I’m building?

if you mean that bumper switches can take more pressure before breaking then yes i think they would be able to, the limit switch ‘whisker’ would probably bend or snap

But if the coding is right, the switch will stop the pressure before it breaks. But you shoudn’t take chances.

Bumper switches and limit switches are designed to be mounted in different orientations, a bumper switch is meant to be pushed straight on. A limit switch on the other hand is meant to be mounted such that it trips when something passes along the whisker.

It is unlikely that in any implementation of either switch where the component triggering the switch weighs more than a few ounces that the component will stop between when it triggers the switch and when it puts force on the body of the switch, regardless of programming.

You may also want to consider using the new Vex Optical Encoders to determine how much each axis slider travels.

Do you mean the ones that aren’t available yet?

Yes, although the old 90 CPR Vex Encoders may also work.

you might as well wait…vex labs seems to be releasing new products fairly quickly recently so it shouldn’t be long beofre the new optical encoder gets here… BTW, JVN i haven’t got my hopes up so if it comes out in another 3 months or more or something like that wont be a disappointment to me!