Bumper Bots

Three Bentley School students built an interactive Bumper Bots Game. The goal of the game is to hit the bumper switch on the back of the robot in order to make the other player lose control. If the bumper switch is hit, then the Touch LED will signal it by quickly blinking orange and blue. Each robot uses 3 motors and 2 sensors consisting of two motors for the wheels and one motor for the custom add-on, which could be a saw made out of gears, or an arm with a flip pan on the bottom designed to flip or saw the robot. The bumper sensor is used to detect if the game is over or not, and the Touch LED to signal the loss. In summary, Bumper Bots is a fun game designed to blend the fun of remote controlled cars with the creativity of robotics.

I had our teams perform a similar competition last year after they finished the Vex IQ competitions. We did a variation of a robot sumo competition, where they had to push the other robot off of a table (folding table with legs collapsed, so the fall was only a couple inches). A bumper push deactivated the robots motors for 2 seconds, with the touch LED indicating when the robot was disabled.