Bumper Modification

Would it be legal to take a bumber sensor and change out the screw that holds the red cap on and replace it with a longer screw? I was planning on doing it to help with a problem we encountered on our robot, but an older team warned us that they nearly got DQ at worlds for a similar modification, so I just want to cover all my bases.

Take a look at r20 and r22 in the game manual. How would you interpret your question against the rules?


states “Internal or external mechanical repairs of VEX Limit and Bumper switches are permitted.”, so the external modification of a different screw would be legal?

So the big questions is, does the repair with a longer screw make the bumper switch exactly the same as before, or different? And if it is different, does thag still satisfy R20?

It works the exact same, just a linger screw, but no electronics were harmed in the making of this modified bumper switch.

It sounds like you need to change the screw to get it to work in your application, so whilst it is similar, it is no longer the same. Something has changed and it has been modified. The exact wording of rule R20 is:

R20 No modifications to electronic or pneumatic components are allowed. Motors (including the
internal PTC or V5 Smart Motor firmware), microcontrollers (including V5 Robot Brain firmware), cables, sensors, controllers, battery packs, reservoirs, solenoids, pneumatic cylinders, and any other electrical or pneumatics component of the VEX platform may NOT be altered from their original state in ANY way.

The Bumper Switch is a sensor. And by replacing the screw, it has been altered from it’s original state. So, in that regard, it does not satisfy the criteria.

If you want an official answer, you would need to ask the question in the official Q & A.

Please use the search bar before posting as a previous post covers your question almost exactly Is it legal to remove the red cap on the new Bumper Switch?

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