Bumper Sensor extension cord

My team is going to use the bumper sensor in our robot, but we realized the cord is pretty short. Is there an extension cord we could use? Has anyone done this before?

We were going to buy a cord and add to the existing bumper sensor cord. Is this a reliable solution or does anyone have a better idea?

the 3-wire expander is very handy for if you don’t have any 3-wire extensions around.

This is the product you’re looking for:

The 3-wire expander (which turns a smart port into 8 3-wire ports) could do an equivalent job, but it’s significantly more expensive if all you need is an extension cable.


Thanks for the response, but we don’t have time for thevex to ship it us since our competion is this week. Is there something we can go get it from places like homedepot?

You can’t use non-vex sourced electrical materials (except non-functional decoration). Can you mechanically transmit the bump from where it happens to closer to the brain?


You are in Washington if I got the team search to work correctly, check with Robotmesh. They may have your cables in stock.

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Sadily we don’t live in washington.

Sorry, I took your 322 user name as being part of Team 322, they are in Washington State. Break out the FedEx shipping time chart on the web and calculate the ship times. If you get the order in by 11 AM Central Vex will ship it that day.

You can check with nearby teams for a cable. Also look around for a FIRST Robotics team they may have a 3 wire cable you can use. You can also visit a hobby shop, they may have one you can use until your VEX one arrives.

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