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We started with a clawbot on our first year and modified it and made it to worlds

When was that? Which season?

Turning Point ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What region?

New Mexico. Not very competitive lol but still some good teams.

I built my new tilter and was so excited to test it, but when I mounted it, I didn’t check to see if it was stuck on anything, so I ended up destroying 2 hours worth of work in 5 seconds.

What happened? Did it collapse? Did the tray stick on another part?

The gear caught the c channel the tilter was mounted on and the axles ended up bending really bad because of all the torque. I had to forcefully rip the axles out because of how much bending there was

Picture this
A fairly small tournament with only 17 teams at a cramped fair. For the most part teams were mainly on the field because it was a small tournament, and with two field we blazed through the small matches. In this environment most teams did not have any time to do any skills at all, and during the lunch break all the teams that had good potential for skills were waiting to hopefully be interviewed. During this time a team with a clawbot hit up skills, and managed to pull of the skills award. In the alliance selection a pushbot that got carried all the way up to number one was going down the line to pick an alliance partner. Our driver, for some unknown reason, accepts their offer despite us planning another alliance with a different robot. So our dr4b gets stuck with their pushbot that was not good at all. Fortunately, most alliances were screwed over by pushbots and such going down the line. So we fight our way into the final and we were up against the clawbot and a traybot. I tell my alliance partner an unmeasurable amount of times to play Defence to the death against our opponents traybot. Lo and behold they are on the other side of the field. Top that with our claw breaking and we get a loss. All of this combined led the clawbot to the excellence award. So there we were sitting down at the awards ceremony with me being pissed at our alliance partner and telling someone from another team at our school. Then they give out the awards. I see the clawbot gets skills and I chuckle a little at that. Then I realize it’s the team that won when they come up again for tournament champion. So we all are sitting there laughing a lot on the inside when they go and get the excellence award based off a fluke. I kinda wanna go to state and see them being like “well our robot is so good we got three medals so let’s just keep it the way it is” and then wonder when they get last in the rankings.


Ouch (20characterss)

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Another funny story… I was working on the puncher for NRC(National Robotics Competition) and I though I had everything done. Note that I’m go down to the robotics room during studyhall. There was a bunch of 6th graders trying to see what I was doing. The shooter is working good so I decide to see how much force it has… Bad idea. I shot it once and the whole slider flies out of the puncher and goes across the room with 4 rubber bands flying in the air also. The slip gear was also very damaged too. We still won NRC for robohockey though.


One of our teams was working with improving their tray flip out, when the tray flew back, smacked him square in the forehead, launched his glasses, and left a huge red mark on his forehead for the rest of the day. Or maybe last year when our entire school had somewhere between 5-10 nut shots on other teams because of wrong autos, upset a few teams with some mishaps.

So I am the coder. The builder on my team likes to do random things with the robot when we aren’t doing anything (or when we are supposed to be doing something). I always somehow manage to forget that the robot is connected to the controller and that the program is running. So when our builder is somehow randomly holding the robot, or putting his arm through a maze of c channel, the controller will do something weird, I will forget that the robot is running, and start moving the joysticks to try and fix it. The robot will run around, my friend the builder freaks out because his arm is stuck wherever or the robot is driving out of his hands, and one of the girls on the team laughs nonstop for the next 10 minutes.

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That is actually hilarious and totally something that our team would do.

@DRow this thread isnt even about the stickers anymore, and has a solution. Can you lock it?


I will post the stickers on my robot on this thread, the chat that we have, and my thread.

hold on there daddyo… I am picking five and I need more people to answer. That solution is just one of the 5 bumper stickers

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sooo. any more stickers on the table or did i show up late

yeah, there’s still stickers on the table

i got 2. #1 A girl i liked told me dont fall down stairs at state to where i yell i wont. 5 seconds later im falling down stairs. Why did i bother to say something. To give u an idea. Its 3 flights of stairs. they were streaming the comp and they got me falling down the stairs by panning the room. #2 This was at state. It was my first robotics competition because I was too busy during past robotics competitions to go. anyway the guy who greets everyone before competition starts asked in joking manner that I did not pick up if this was anyone’s first competition this year. well being the idiot I am I raised my hand and the whole crowd all turned to me like he has to be joking

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