Bumper switch height limit coding for Blockly?

Hi my team and I are struggling to use blockly to set up a limit switch using bumpers. (VEXCode IQ Blocks) Any suggestions or help?

Ah, I have a feeling your post may have gotten overlooked due to some terminology confusion between the title and what you were actually asking about. There are two languages to program VEX IQ robots that have “block” in the name: VEXcode IQ Blocks, and Robot Mesh Studio Blockly. Support folks and users for each don’t usually look at posts for the other, so putting Blockly in the title and the post under the VEXcode category appears to have thrown us all off the scent. I only noticed it when scrolling through uncategorized posts.

@tfriez This one was for y’all

@John_TYler - thanks.

@DestinedDevitos - take a look at the following tutorial. If you need more help, let me know what you’re trying to do in more detail and I’ll be happy to help.

Sorry for the late response, we have made a robot for the squared away challenge with 2 arm motors, a left and right. We have a bumper in port 12 at the top of the right side and a bumper switch in port 3 on the bottom of the left side. We are trying to make it so when the left arm hits bumper 3 that means its too low and might hit the ground so we want both arms to rotate up 90 degrees and then go back to normal but we havent figured out how

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