Bumper switch question

Hey guys, I was wondering if it is legal to remove the large spring from the V2 bumper switch, because the switch is pretty firm for our teams planned design.

It is legal if you don’t modify any of the inside bits (electronics, idk…). Correct me if I’m wrong on this though.

No. < R23b>

b. Internal or external mechanical repairs of VEX Limit and Bumper switches are permitted. Modifying the metal arm on the Limit Switch is permitted. Using components from these devices in other applications is prohibited.

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We wouldn’t be using the spring in any other applications, we were wondering if it is ok to remove the spring to make the switch less firm.

Still leaning toward no because of < R22>, and < R23> gave a justification as to a valid reason toward modifying the sensor, giving an exception to the previous rule, but there’s enough ambiguity that I guess an official Q&A post might be needed to determine if the entire sensor is an electrical component or only the points of contact.

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One possible thing to add onto this if it turns out it is legal is that you may want to just trim down the length of the spring instead of removing it. If you remove it then the switch probably won’t return to the unpressed position, at least from what I can guess about how it works.

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