Bumper Switch vs Limit Switches

Hey all! My team is looking into buying new sensors, and I was wondering what the major differences are between the number switches vs the limit switches. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each, etc?

Bumper switch: Really solid, mechanism cannot go past it.
Limit switch: really bendy, so if your mechanism needs to go down, use limit.

Bumper I would use to detect cubes. Limit I would use to detect if lift is at a height.

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So something can hit a limit switch and continue moving, and this won’t damage the switch?

Well it won’t damage the switch. The button itself is connected to a metal lever (aluminum maybe?). The lever might get bent, but you can bend it back. As the lever gets bent, it has to be pressed down farther to trigger the button. To clarify my original statement, a limit switch is more forgiving in how you mount it because the lever can bend and not block a lift or catapult etc.

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