Bumper Switch

We noticed that the bumper switch was defective as the red wire was disconnected from the base. We would appreciate getting a replacement bumper switch ASAP.

The Bumper Switch does not use the center Red wire. The Bumper Switch will function normally even though the Red wire is not connected. Be aware that the Red wire will have +5V on it when connected to a powered “On” Vex Controller, so just isolate the end of the Red wire so it can not touch anything – tape, hot glue, … If you want to return the Bumper Switch, please call us at 903-453-0802 and get an RMA number before you return it to us.

I have a bumper that is not working with any of my programs. Also the center wire is missing (red). Could this be the problem?

No. The center Red wire is not used. See above post. One way to check the Bumper Switch is with any multimeter set to the ohms setting. Or if you have another Bumper Switch that functions properly and you swap it with the possibly defective unit and verify that the switch is defective.