Bumper Switches Vs. Limit Switches

We are a new team, and our kit came with bumper switches, not limit switches (which were recommended). Can we make bumper switches work effectively in competition?

Depends on the purpose. Limit switches are much more sensitive so it really depends

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In function, they work the same. Bumper switches have a more rugged housing.

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It depends on what you want them to do. What are you planning to do with them?

Bumper switches are better for applications with things outside your robot, like bumping the wall to tell your robot where you are in autonomous, or bumping a cube and having a claw auto close.

Limit switches are better for applications within your robot like you have an elevator but you want it to stop when it gets to a certain height.

The limit switches are more sensitive but fairly easy to break. My students tend to like the bumper switches better for most applications.