Bumpers (r They Required)

i have been reading and reading through the rules and cant find if the bumpers sensors are required or not heck i cant find anything about it plz
help me

Bumpers for what VEX. If so I don’t think they are even allowed. I have not seen any teams using them, and don’t rememeber any rules concerning them.

I don’t think teams use them often unless they have too. But I don’t know, teams might use them a-lot.

You may use the bumpers, but to tell the truth, they really aren’t good for much in a competition.

I don’t see any rules allowing or disallowing bumpers. I would suggest asking on the official forums. Theres a link on the portal page.

If Vex makes the part it can be used in competition. That is how I understand it. The problem is that the bumpers have to be programmed to work and for the program to react it takes time. I wouldn’t use the bump sensors

I don’t thinks he’s talking about bumper switches, but bumpers like the ones used in the FRC. If I’m wrong please correct me.

same here i think he is talking about the actual bumpers made of metal

seeing that he said sensor after the word bumper, i think hes talking about just that.


sorry i didnt think i saw sensor

so te answer to your question would be no, they aren’t required, but you can use them if you want.


Sorry about that!:o

They are completely legal, but of course not required. There are plenty of requirements (flag holder, fitting in the 18" cube, etc.) but none are about having to use a specific sensor.

That said I do not know about other robots but ours uses 3 bump sensors. They are very useful and a failsafe way to prevent unwanted motion in a given direction.

I swear the word sensor wasn’t there before. Anyways disregard everything I said listen to nonother.

Just remember everything has to fit in the box.

withe the proper programming, they can be very useful :slight_smile:

yea wat is it a 18inch cube

indeed they can be very useful