Bunch of robots!!!

hey, just put up a site for all my robots. check it out. http://www.freewebs.com/ducttape477vexrobotics/ Feel free to comment.
I hope i can get the rest of my bots up soon!

Very nice!
You took enough photos to show how the bots work, and they are of very good quality (focus, lighting, etc.) Good job!

cool site ducttape!:cool:
so far my favorite is the tank bot with grabber. Looks like you have used some erector parts for it:) .
ill have to see the rest of your pics later.

thanks. i need to get the videos up too

Nice bots Ducttape is the solution to life’s problems.

I like the tank bot too, i might use some of the tecniques in my future bots

I liked the rover bot nice n’ compact and the first tank bot was compact too probably fast… right??

thanks, it was pretty fast

Did yours do any serious wheelies though, ours did. it was CRAAAZZZZYY!:smiley:

Cool bots, I remember seeing some of your vids on youtube. Your spider bot is really cool. Nice work

yea it was awsome