Burned out Motor

My team and burned out a motor when we put on the high speed gear box. Is there anyway to get a motor replaced?

can you clarify, is this a 393 motor or a v5 motor? If this is a 393 motor can you clarify what you mean by “burned out” this could have many meaning. Generally this is used to refer to the internal ptc overheating and shutting down the motor.

If it was an issue with the motor (not your fault in any way) then email [email protected], they might replace it for free if the motor came broken
If it was the PTC then you don’t need to replace it
If it was a v5 motor you were testing then the people who do know what to do probably can’t talk about it here

Sorry, I meant to post this in a different discussion. It is a v5 motor.

Hmmm I thought v5’s weren’t supposed to burn out