Burnout? Or nah

Hello people. We (1427z) qualified for states and I am planning on building an X drive for cal states in march. Do you guys think that if I build a 8 motor X drive (holonomic) with ALL TURBOS will it burn out? Thanks guys!!!

Check out team 2r’s latest tournament on YouTube. I did some math and a turbo x-drive with 8 motors and 4 inch wheels is close to the same gear ratio that they have.

Here are their finals rounds.

I was actually going to do a 1:3 2.75" wheel x drive instead but that would have taken too many cut parts so i just went with tank instead.

8 motors are actually a lot of power. You can afford to get some pretty crazy speed ratios, so an X drive on turbo with 4" wheels wouldn’t burn out.

yeah I did man it’s pretty crazy. Do you know how many motors and what type they used? Their maneuverability is unreal.

Thanks that helps! Love ur youtube channel and stuff btw. What design are u guys doing right now? like what shooting mechanism and drive? :stuck_out_tongue:

All of that is here

Oh I forgot to mention that you should be careful with x drives.
If you are driving forward, and someone pushes you on the side, 4 of your drive motors will get wrecked because of how 2 of the wheels are spinning in directions that are against the pushing robot.

Think x drives are never meant for pushing battle. x drives supposed to maneuver themselves out of the pushing battle.

A compromise will be using mecanum wheels.
We tried 8-motor mecanum drive before. It was fun! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by they will get wrekt? Do motors burn out if somebody shoves bot or something like that?

I think if you have an 8 motor turbo X drive, and you start getting pushed, you should be able to move sideways at warp speed, easily removing yourself from the pushing situation.
Unless you do what I did at the beginning of last year. Try to push back against the 8 torque motor Hercules bot with a high speed drive train… That was just genius.
We have a high speed 4 motor X drive and it works beautifully.

Have you guys tried 8 motor x drive before? Also do you use brake system on your robot? Is your X drive significant;y faster than the tank drives?

We haven’t tried a 8 motor X drive yet, I probably will try one soon though, it sounds interesting.
We had a brake on our previous robot, but we don’t have pneumatics so we used this:

It worked nicely in practice, but in the competition I forgot to use it.
We were doing circles around some torque motor tank drives at a recent scrimmage.
Also our robot is quite heavy for NBN. It fully aluminum, but its still heavy as its a rather large bot.

(Not copying 323Z) Although the tank tread turret system was their idea.
The drive has never burned out, even when I drove is continuously into a wall during a failed autonomous. (The turret was backwards so I put the robot in backwards.)
The turret idea was actually inspired to stop pushing from being a problem. We can fire while being pushed.

Ok so in the rare event that someone manages to run into you on the side of your robot that is driving forward, two of the wheels motors will get back driven.
For example, say you are driving full speed forward. Then someone T-bones you on the right side of the robot. The front left and rear right motors will get backdriven, because they are rotating towards the direction of the pushing robot.

Do you think that this problem could be eliminated by programming the robot to set those wheels to 0 if the IEM says that it is rotating at <25% speed?

My team has been working on an 8 motor turbo x-drive for a couple of days. It is the first x-drive that any of us have made so it will probably take a while, but I will let you know how it fares once we get it up and running.

okay thank you so much man!

what is your phone number maybe we can contact from there better

Hmm what about an mechanism x drive… Wonder if anyone’s tried it

I presume you are referring to mecanum wheels in a x drive setup?
If it is, then there is really no benefit at all. Mecanum wheels allow you to move in all directions, so that there is no need to place the wheels in a x formation.

yes, autocorrect got me, It was a good thought atleast XD

Do you think that a 4 motor X drive with pneumatic breaks is gonna be a good idea?