Burnt motor or port?

Hello, I was practicing on my field, and the right intake motor on port 9 started blinking(the red led) I checked it on other ports. It blinks about 3 times then turns off. Is this a burnt motor or port?

Try plugging another motor into the wire. If still blinking change the wire. If still blinking port Is RIP

What can I do to stop port rip in the future?

Ok, so I plugged it into a diff. Motor and it was fine. Same port. Plug into the right intake and rip

What does this mean?

Motor is dead but you can contact vex and get a new motor

I have had a different type of motor death before. Pretty sure our mentor got a replacement from Vex.

Description of my motor death woes

I had a drive motor just die on me. The light wouldn’t turn on and the brain wouldn’t recognize it. The port worked with other motors. The motor also emitted a high pitched whining when plugged in.

Anti static spray helps but is not a fix. Try insulating the wire from metal but their are no known solutions to prevent a burned out motor or port.

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I know at nationals our programming port crapped out and the vex representative gave us a brand new brain. They couldn’t figure out the problem with it, so they just gave us a new one. My point is vex is very nice about broken parts.

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