Burnt out ports

I am Grant Staten, a programmer for the La Cueva Vex team, I am working with someone who has been working with v5 since September of 2018. We have been having problems with the v5 ports burning out occasionally. We saw that other people have been having similar problems, but it worked a little differently for us.
We were at a competition, and during a match, one of the intakes on our tray bot wouldn’t stop moving, it would switch directions and respond to spin and rotate commands, but not braking commands.
After that match, we power-cycled the robot and checked the code, it should have been braking. Then, when we tried running it again, the motor wouldn’t move at all and the light at the port on the motor was blinking.
When we switched what brain port the motor was attached to physically and in the code, it worked just fine.
This was the second time a port on one of our brains burnt out, and both times it was port #2 but on different brains. (coincidence?)
Is there anything we can do to fix this port and/ or prevent this from happening in the future?
Grant Staten

Same thing happened to me not all ports are the same so make sure when making you smart wire you crimp vary hard that’s how we fixed it . Worst case you have a six month wanty that comes with your brain and vex will replace it

Test first with one of the factory pre-made wires and in other ports. If the problem persists, at that point you should probably try seeing if different parts of your robot are creating extra static. If that still isn’t the issue, seeking the warranty replacement is probably your best bet.

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Hello! I have had this problem but found a solution. As you know when the motors blink red it means that the wire works but the motor or port is damaged somehow. What was happening is STATIC electric is building up on the bot and then sending across another part of the bot and blowing a port from that location. You need to find the place that the static is builing up on and fix it. For us we spray Anti Static spray on are tray stacker because it was building so much up it would blow a couple ports.


Most of the time the brain ports burn out when there is too much static, the field is very prone to collecting static, try using anti static spray to the field, it should reduce the static.

use staticide spray on your field until you can get yourself some of these babies:
in theory these will solve port frying issues. in theory


We had the exact same issue in, I believe, the exact same port. I think the best thing to do is just start using only VEX wire.