Buy Change Up Field Parts?

I need to acquire a Change Up goal (singular) and like 6 Change Up balls. I have a very limited amount of money, and I cannot purchase one of the $179 field element kits and have enough money for parts and registration left over. I have determined that I would need an authentic VEX goal as opposed to building one, as is appears that the flex built into the goal is necessary to descore, and wood is too rigid, and cardboard too flexible. I have maybe $40 to spend on field/game elements, is there anywhere I could buy a singular goal, and not have to purchase the whole kit?

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if you have access to a 3D printer that could be an option. I imagine that 3D printed goals will have a similar bend to the real ones. you could buy some pvp pipes, cut them to length, and print the rings on the goal. You could also potentially make the rings out of wood and use pvc pipes for the posts, seems like a lot of the flex in the goal comes from the pipes and not the goal. hence the slightly wider gap in the center goal, which has more posts.

I do not
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If u cannot find a way to get a real goal, you might be able to make one out of polycarb and wooden dowels. Just as a last resort.