Buying another programs number

So a couple of my friends and myself are starting our own program and the number we want to use is taken. Is there any rule saying that we can’t purchase another teams number to use for our selves? Also is there a process we can go through to make it legit?

Generally this isn’t allowed, especially with legacy teams such as 1103 & 44

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One quick question. What is a legacy team?

A team that has won more Red Trophies that I can count.

RECF won’t give you the number of a well known team that is no longer active, but I don’t think there’s anything stopping an active team from selling their number.

We want to buy either 720 or 1

1 juggernauts(could have sworn they had a different name in cleansweep) competed this year.
720 is from New Zealand and hasn’t competed in a few years

I still wouldn’t expect much luck trying to buy team numbers. They are first come first serve and teams like maintaining their identity over the years.](

I wish vex had a list similar to that of FRC, which displays all vacant numbers that are available for sale.

FRC has no such list. I have never heard of an FRC team selling their number, or even an inactive number being reissued by FIRST to a separate organization.

Numbers have value because of the reputation that got built upon it. Instead of purchasing something made by someone else, spend the money to buy whatever it is you need to build your own.

What I meant was not previous team’s numbers, but it had a list of all FRC numbers that have never been registered

EDIT: I found it, it was on the blue alliance:

i thought we were doing 425?

But come on Justin/Braydon team 1 would be pretty legit

Something tells me they won’t let you have it. I am graduating this year and would love to take 7701 with me, but there’s absolutely no way I’m getting a hold of that because of teams 7701D, 7701F, 7701G, 7701E, 7701M, 7701Z, etc.:frowning:

I guess so.

Smiles, I’m taking 7701 next year :smiley: