Buying Field Tiles

Does anyone know of any place to buy the competition field tiles that are the same color and either at a major retailer or cheaper or maybe just purchasable in smaller quantities? These were the official supplier the last two years for FVC and FTC. I assume the new ones are still identical. The new ones we added this year sure look the same as the Soft Tiles tiles we purchased last year and the year before.

thanks for the help :smiley:

Ours came from BJ’s wholesale club. Grey ones and the colors come in Red/Blue/Green/Yellow. They were very cheap compared to other places.

Softiles have one odd tooth in the middle of each side.

The ones I get from Lowes don’t have that one odd tooth and aren’t compatible with the ones from Softiles.

So, you need to pick your poison when you start accumulating them.


Yes, there are straight and snaggle tooth versions of the floor. The last batch of tiles that came from BJ’s had the snaggle tooth version. We did get some from Home Depot, they are like the Lowes version, they have a straight tooth.

I have been buying my tiles from a place called They sell tiles and borders in 16 different colors, I believe.

I was going to purchase mine from SoftTiles, but I don’t think they had flat border pieces. The ones I buy are slightly more expensive though, but I can buy them in any qauntity I want. The tiles come in 3 different sizes too: 1ft x 1ft, 2ft x 2ft, and 3ft x 3ft.