Buying pistons for V5 pneumatics kit

After getting the V5 pneumatics kit from Vex, I’m looking to add more pistons to my setup. However, I’d prefer to find options other than buying the $299 bundle. I’m hoping to discover individual compatible pistons that can work with my V5 pneumatics kit, giving me the flexibility to upgrade without getting the entire bundle.

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My guess is to work with nearby teams or leverage for legacy cylinders from other sources.

Note, they are Pneumatic Cylinders - not pistons!

  • (1) 75mm Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder
  • (1) 50mm Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder
  • (1) 25mm Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder

Time will tell if vex will add individual air cylinders to the product line. Considering how easy it is to bend a piston rod on an air cylinder, it would make a lot of sense. For the current game manual, air cylinders and other components from SMC are still completely legal, would be interchangeable with the Vex branded air cylinders.

As for buying a “piston,” since these air cylinders are not repairable, they can’t sell you spare internal components like pistons. When I was working as an automation engineer at at La-z-Boy Inc, we used repairable tie-rod air cylinders, where internal components like the piston and seals could be replaced as needed.