Buying Used V5


I know it is a long shot but I am looking for anyone who is selling v5 equipment. I am interested in buying a whole v5 bundle, just the brain, motors, etc. Let me know if you or someone you know is looking to sell off any of their equipment. Thanks.

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I don’t think you can buy vex parts off of people except for the official companies. I might be wrong.

well you can if they’re selling. But I doubt anyone here is going to be selling a v5 kit for much less than vex.


It’s totally fine.

Obviously they have to have the part you want and with new stuff like V5 thats hard.


As others have said, it’s unlikely you are going to be able to find anyone selling used V5 hardware, let alone for a meaningful discount.

However, you should look into getting a grant, whether through the REC Foundation or otherwise. You may be able to get a brand new V5 kit at a significantly reduced cost or even for free through a grant.


Thank you for letting me know about this!

But yeah as I stated in my post I know it is a long shot, but there really isnt much harm in asking

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If you’re okay with getting a cortex control system, eBay is flooded with plenty of those. I’ve been watching and waiting for a good deal on v5 for a while and I know eBay has little to offer, but maybe look on Craigslist? (I have no idea if you would have any luck. You could also try joining the discord server for your state and asking around.