bypass thermal breaker in a VEX 393 motor

First, I know bypassing the thermal breaker in a motor is illegal. I do not know how to bypass the thermal breaker and I do not want to know.

I want to know the consequences of bypassing a thermal breaker in a 393 motor? Is it possible to burn up a cortex doing this?

Is is possible to burn up the port the illegally modified motor is plugged into?

The reason I am asking is because someone said they burned up two cortexes at a tournament. I’m trying to figure out if they just happen to have two bad cortexes, if they made a programming error, or if they are cheating.


Removing the PTC from a 2-Wire Motor 393, while creating a potentially unsafe situation and violating the rules of the VEX Robotics Competition, should not cause a Cortex failure during a 2-minute match.

Repeated microcontroller failures (especially on motor ports) are more commonly caused by a short somewhere in the motor wiring.

If you suspect illegal motor modification during an event, be sure to contact the event’s head referee, lead inspector, or Event Partner. The best way to officially verify a motor’s validity on-site is for event personnel to utilize the PTC Authenticator test. Use of this test is at the discretion of the Event Partner.