Bypassing line limit on V5 Controller screen

Is there any way to print more than three lines of text on the V5 controller’s screen? On that note, how many characters are allowed per line?

I don’t think it’s readily available with the controller, though it is likely possible since there is a lot of flexibility in the pictures already present on the controller’s screen. If you want more, you could at very least simulate more lines, though. Since you’re unlikely to read more than one line at a time, nor more than a few words at a time, you could have the text scroll. If it scrolls left, you won’t get more lines but the lines will effectively be longer. If it scrolls up, you’ll effectively get more lines.

Interesting concept! My plan was to experiment with the vision sensor and see if I could devise a VERY rudimentary ASCII video feed on the controller, though the three line limit and 50ms delay might make it more trouble than it’s already probably not worth.