C++ and Vex V5

I know that Vexcode V5 text is based on C++, but how much will knowledge of C++ actually help me with programming?

from my understanding, It is pretty similar. If you’ve used VCS, it is pretty much the same thing.

I’m having a very hard time actually understanding your question because this is how it reads to me?

“I know that MS Word is based on English, but how much knowledge of English actually help me with writing.”

– note any language or word processor will do

See how hard that is to interpret?

Certainly understanding the language you are using is going to help you use it.


Vexcode V5 is in fact standard C++. Any knowledge of C++ that you have can be implemented in VexCode. It is extremely helpful to actually know the basics of C++ and some of the more advanced in and outs of the language. I strongly advise against what I see a lot of which is just learning motor commands and essentially learning the vex namespace. Learn how the language works and then you can do pretty much anything.


You need to know at least the basics of C++ (commands end with a semi-colon, loops are indicated by {}, etc.). Learning C++ before you even start using VexCode V5 Text is extremely helpful, because you start to understand how everything works, instead of knowing that it just works. Also, a lot of your more complex errors that you make in coding (I’ve made several) will be C++ errors rather then simply Vex namespace errors. If you don’t know how C++ works, you will be aimlessly wandering, trying to find a solution.