C-Channel 1x5x35

Does anyone have a 1x5x35 C-channel picture. I need the flat face.

I am trying to figure out something, and I don’t have our robot.


See attached.

Do you have CAD software (i.e. Inventor, Solidworks, etc.)? Just wondering… it’s pretty handy for these sorts of things. (even Sketchup will work somewhat)


I am getting solidworks right now.

I just needed it real quick.

Do you know how many wholes a 4 in omni takes up?

Could you stick an omni behind the c-channel. Can you stick 3 omnis behind it, at the right side. Try to squize them all into the right side. I would like some space toward the front.

Trying to get measurements.

Thanks for doing this :smiley:

I’m headed to a scout meeting… I’ll see if I can do it afterwards… ~2hrs


Every hole is .5" apart so if you put a 4" wheel 5 holes in from the outside then it would be about .25ish away from the end of the metal. This would be the furthest you could push your wheels out (relative to the front/back) in a drivetrain without exceeding 17.5"

Edit: You could place a 4" wheel every 10 holes and have .5" between every wheel which would fit 3 wheels into a 14" long C channel.

I got what I needed, thanks yall!

In case you need more :slight_smile: I hope we see a really spectacular new design from all this work.


Hey thanks!

I am just trying to think of ways to improve this

We had problems with overheating, and a suggestion was to check the wheelie bar, add 1 more omni to have a 3 wheel drive, and a lot more stuff.


If you dont mind me asking. What was the drive setup (# and model of motors) on the robot that kept burning out? What ports were these drive motors pluged in to?

On each side of the ive train we had a 393 motor set for power and a 269 moor.
for the ports.
I think the 296 motors are in 1-5 and the 393 motors are in 6-10

Forgive typos
Typed on nook

Would it be possible for you to move 2 more 269s to your drive to have a 6 motor 4w drive? Also for your wheelie bar instead of removing it completely try and change it to the rollers you get with the Tread kit, or a perpendicularly mounted omni-wheel (I saw many teams at the Pan Pacific Championship do). More wheels could create more friction and weight in your drive train meaning more power needed to move the bot.

-Your motor ports look fine, great use of the 2 breakers in the Cortex.

I would balance the load, one 269 and one 393 on ports 1-5, the others on ports 6-10. There is a 4A PTC (although at exactly what current they pop and how long it takes I have never tested) so having two 393’s may be an issue. Do you have a power expander also for the arm ? Where are the arm motors connected to, are they powered to keep your arm lifted?

We could not switch out 2 more motors for the drive train unless we went for a pnuematic vertical intake.
We do not have an power expanders.

I forrgot something.
We are not powering the arm to stay up. It
Does that on its own.

Could you use rubber bands to assist a 2 - 393 motor lift? I know a few teams in Hawaii have done this so they could use motors elsewhere. But your lift could possibly be faster than theirs.

That could be a good option.
Weare actually using rubber bands but not that many
We could add mor if we took those motors off.

Our arm can reach 30" in about 1 sec

I think that is fast enough :smiley: