C Channel bracket on Platform

  • A C-Channel bracket will be added to the Platforms of all competition and Robot Skills Challenge fields. This addition is to improve Platform robustness, and does not change the location of the platform, or otherwise impact gameplay.

Does anybody have a diagram how this will be attached to the platform?

See page 52 of the game manual (pg 57 of the pdf) https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/21-22/tipping-point/2021-VRC-GameManual3.0.pdf


Awesome thanks! ahah we just wedge a ring in between. What do people do with the platform edge falling apart? tape?

Clear, heavy duty packing tape is your friend. This is from my cart:


Awesome…ahah didnt want to use packing tape but looks like its the simplest solution.

In engineering, we normally see the simplest solution as the most elegant :slight_smile: