C-Channel for Drive Base

In tower takeover my team had a 5-wide steel chassis a DR4B with a 4 cube claw, and 1:1 200RPM mecanum wheels. We never had any motor strain/overheating issues and thanks to the weight of the base we only tipped once without any anti tips, but we wernt the fastest on the feild or the most agile. Is it doable without any significant issues? Yes. Should it be done this season? No. I really do believe that this year will be about speed and quick cylcing, and having anything larger then 3 holes I feel would just slow you down more then it would help.


i literally had the same bot but it was a dr4-6b

I am actually going for a vertical lift because it would be MUCH easier to control in the game. you wouldn’t have to pull forward, load it, drive backwards while simultaneously lifting the arm, then drive forward again to score. All you would have to do is drive forward, load it, lift it, and score.

Oh, and before I forget to ask this, is one motor enough to power most lifts? Which ones can it not?

it needs to be geared and red and be using hs but yes

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the green cartridges wouldn’t work?

May I ask which one? The most common ones for vex are all overkill for this game in my opinion.

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That’s what I am still trying to decide. It would be small, but I feel that it would be much easier driving a vertical rather than a 4b or 6b.

Why? It makes you much more prone to tipping, the extra weight will probably slow you down a little, and as you add more joints to a lift, the more slop they have.

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A 4 bar would seem to be the most ideal for an early season tray


Careful trying to power a vertical lift with 1 motor, as if they are not built perfectly, there can be alot of friction to overcome

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1 V5 motor should be able to power a 4bar. I mean yeah, watch for friction, but it is not too hard to do considering low height and low weight

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I would not recommend a vertical lift this year, there is no need. the slight benefit is outweighed by the unnecessary complexity.

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The best C-Channel for your chassis depends a lot on what your robot is supposed to do. Good robots aren’t determined by the size of the c-channel on your drive, they’re determined by how efficient the entire robot is at completing the game task.

There is no one good answer. When looking at what I want to use for my drive, I look at what I have in my inventory, I look at my general design concept, and I factor in my preference for thinner chassis. After I do that, I choose what I want to use. It’s up to you, based mostly on personal preference.

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I have a couple things to say about this.

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  2. 8059 tends to use 5-wides, and they tend to do fine.


5 wides work fine, but there isn’t really any reason to use them over 2 wides tbh.

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I would agree here, and again it just reemphasizes the concept of personal preference and availability. Maybe I like 3 wide because x,y, and z, and another team likes 5 wide because a,b, and c, and someone else likes 2 wide because it’s thin. I agree there’s no GENERAL year to year reason to use 5 wide, but at the same time if you like it then use it. If you have 0 preference, yeah use 2 wide, but it’s such a small difference it really comes down to personal choice.


AURA won VEXU Worlds in Starstruck.

Also, checkout both ITZ Worlds


I was aware of aura🙂

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This is an advantage I found while building the base with 3 wides this year. It is slightly higher than the V5 motor, so you can run a c channel across a V5 motor without needing spacers to elevate it.

2 wides is generally the most important building material in the bot. In our org, heavy hoarding happens and if you don’t hoard, you’ll run into a “mid season c channel famine” pretty soon. Using 3 wides can help you preserve the 2 wide c channels for other mechanisms like lift and snail tower

Onto lift types, a 4 bar is enough due to its low height, and IMO the arc won’t be really much of an issue due to the large ball size. I am pretty sure than 1:7 100RPM is more than enough for a 4 bar. 1:5 seems pretty optimal for the speed of a tray bot, and should be doable.


You could also use a macro that automatically moves the robot forwards and backwards as you raise the lift to ensure it stays over the same spot