C-channel to gear

I am having some trouble getting a c channel attached to a gear for our arm/tilter. Any suggestions?

We are using a high strength gear. I don’t know how many tooths. We want to get the c channel attached to one of the holes but it isn’t working because the holes aren’t lining up.

They should, you might be lining it up wrong

If it doesn’t work, can i just use an axle

Not really, it’ll be best to screw it in

ok. thanks. (((((((((((((((((

Idk if you’ve done it or not, but the holes should be lining up if you’re using vex studf

I mean all high strength gears (that have mounting holes) line up to vex c channels. If you could send a pic, we could help determine if you could change your orientation or something helpful.

Our team uses screws to connect the 2 together.
Like this:

This is how u do it but (if not for anything else) use lock nuts. There tend to be lots of pressure on the gears which can loosen screws and break entire mechanisms

u got pics???

I don’t sorry, I don’t have my robot with me right now.

Attaching the ch channel to the year will be the best option. You can use lock bars but they are very proud to bending espeicslly if only attached by itself. I used to on my arm only use the lockbars but they were so bent that you could move it from top to bottom without at all touching the motor.

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