C++ Compilers

Im just started trying to program with C++. im very familiar with EasyC but i want to try out the scripting C++. I have a compiler called “codeblocks” right now but it doesnt work out too well. does anyone else program scripting C++? and if so, what compiler(s) do you use?

Well for programming the robots we use RobotC which is basically native C except there is restrictions so it is able to compile on to the robots.

Eclipse is a very nice IDE, but RobotC is ready to go out of the box. With Eclipse or any other non-Vex IDE you have to rip some files from MPLab (or was it MPLib?) and do some linking.


You probably want to go with robotC. As Cody pointed out, you can use other IDEs, but with robotC, you get libraries, drivers, and lots of sample programs. Plus, you’ll get lots of help on the vex and robotC forums.

Just so you know, the two most popular programming languages for VEX robots are spelled “easyC” and “ROBOTC.”

i know about easyC and ROBOTC, im very familiar with easyC. I need a compiler not for my robot but for general C++ programming

I agree with Cody. Eclipse is very nice.

If you have money to spend or are a student then you should try out Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio is geared more towards windows application programming.

DreamSpark is a Microsoft site that allows students to download some of their software (i.e. Visual Studio). You can get Visual Studio from there for free (legally). :slight_smile:

As magicode said, Visual Studio is for Windows application programming (it also works for Pocket PCs and some web/ASP.NET programming), and I don’t think it works on Mac/Linux at all. (but I’m not 100% sure)

It doesnt work on Mac/Linux but you can program for them using the Mono Framework.

It doesn’t really matter, most everyone (myself included) who is serious about Mac runs a virtual machine for their Windows 7 applications.

It’s nothing short of awesome. I have my Mac Pro setup with four spaces (basically 4 separate desktops) and I just run my Win 7 VM in one of them full screen. One keyboard shortcut allows me to jump from Windows to Mac almost instantly.

I only need Windows for a handful of applications anyway (namely 3ds max and SolidWorks).


thanks guys for all the info. I now have Codeblocks and Apple Script on my mac. I use the Apple Script and its pretty simple