C++ Controller Issues

So I have attempted to program the LCD of Controller1 though yielded no results. The code was supposed to just display a simple line yet did not display, though compiled correctly. It was not within any while or if statements, so it should have just displayed. Any ideas how this is supposed to work? Yes, I am fairly amateur in programming.
-Hearthy Gotem

Try this


current VCS has default display line as 1, that’s hidden unless you do a clear screen. We will change that to line 3 in the future. So the above code will send “Hello” to line 3.

It seems to act as though nothing is displayed. Is there a button combination I am missing that would bring up a text screen?

nope. Just run the program. perhaps attach a simple .vex project file to this thread and I will have a look.

We were unable to print anything on our screens until we switched from Bluetooth to VexNet. Im not sure why, but it seemed to be an issue. It’s worth a shot to try switching if you are using Bluetooth.

We really don’t support Bluetooth yet, so yes, it won’t work if that is selected