[C++] Printing Information to Computer

Hello everybody,
I was looking for some information on how I might be able to use VCS to print information obtained by the robot on the coding studio console. Also, I was hoping somebody could explain the SD card utility and the capabilities. I can not find anything online about either topic. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you very much.

@Kselva20 off topic but my friend found how to use different autonomous within the same program.

So I was thinking if you put a bunch of if and else if statements in the pre_auton void, and each if statement has a different autonomous void which if true would be set for that match.

You print out rectangles with different auton names on the screen, wherever you click would make it set to true so the if statement would set that auton which is linked to the square true for that time you turn on the robot.

That’s my vision of how it could work.

This is the link on how to make those rectangles and if touched the perform blubluh.

For C based languages,


will write to the standard output stream. For C++ you can also use the insertion operator


to insert things into the standard output stream,


, like this:

std::cout << "Hello!\n"

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