[C++ Pro] make fail

Language: C++ Pro
VCS Version: 20180820.10.20

When I compile my file, make attempts to compile, but then fails with a code 1.
I have posted my makefile and error on pastebin.

I’ve never came across this error before. If I error my code though, it shows the error as normal.
Please Help

Edit 1: Fixed url

Make will fail if compiler or linker has an error, link errors don’t show in VCS 1.0 so I would check that first. Make sure you are not trying to use any variables or instances that don’t exist.

Found my problem, (I think)
In my makefile it asks for


, and


but I don’t have either of the files.

Would you happen to have the file (or anyone in this thread)
Thanks (:

They are installed by VCS.

I know that. I literally don’t have the files on my computer.

Close VCS. delete the Vex Coding Studio folder in the app support folder. Launch VCS and it should rewrite all the files.