[C++ Pro] VCS Will Not Open Project


I believe the thread title says it all. I have been working on a project all day and everything has been fine, but then I tried to compile and download to the robot brain once and it would give the “Compiling your program for your V5 brain” message, but then never compile. I then decided to revert to everyone’s favorite “turn it off and on again” troubleshooting technique and closed VCS. When I restarted it, I found that it would not load my project. It will load any other project I have made, but not the one I need. It simply does nothing when I try to open it from the VCS home screen. However, if I open a new project and I try to open it through the open button on that screen, I see the message " tar ‘TP Fall.vex’ succesfully extracted to: C:/Users/bdbox/Documents/Vex Programs/" appear in the console. I am using VCS for Windows 10. The brain has VEXos 1.0.2 and VCS version 20180820.10.20.

What should I do?

Thank you,

@jpearman the force is strong with you …

Send me the file, privately if you want.

@jpearman thank you!
TP Fall.vex (1.5 KB)

Ok, unfortunately that file does not contain any code, so there’s nothing I can do. I will let the VCS team know. Had you saved before closing VCS ?

Darn… that file had 400 lines of code…

I had saved 50+ times throughout the day (I tend to save a lot-- especially when using new software).
The (slightly outdated by 1 version) file is on my V5 brain still. I assume it isn’t possible to extract that?

No, I’m sorry, not with this version of vexos and VCS. We do plan that as a feature in the future, everything to do that is in place, but VCS is not sending the source code over to the V5 yet. If this happens again, it is possible to find a temporary copy of the C++ source code in the Application support folder for VCS, but it gets overwritten every time VCS compiles a program.