C Programing help

I posted this in Technical Discussion but no luck.:frowning: what I am trying to do is do C Programing.

i am trying to is implement the C Programing with my 393 motor and Potentiometer. i have my front loader setup on ch 5 on the controller, and because of gravity or additional wight it falls. i need the code that adds current to the motor to keep it up when wight is added or taken away.

i need some type of sample code or one of u guys to walk me through it i have never used pots or programed C codes so help is greatly appreciated. my comp is at the end of the week and i am in a huge bind here!!! :confused::confused:

If by luck you mean nobody wrote your code, then you are unlikely to find any.

Check out jpearman’s first response in your other thread. He gives links, that contain sample code, for exactly what you want to do.

See this thread, unless you switch to Motor Encoders your going to have to write a program to accomplish your goal. Maybe you can work together with the other poster.