C++ Programming help needed on hourly pay basis -- Tower takeover

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Sorry, what? I don’t mean to be rude but vex is a learning experience, not pay to win. Every person on a successful team has started from the ground up and doing something like this is just an insult to everybody who learned how to code and build. Personally, I can’t stop you from doing this so if you want to do it, then go ahead. Just know that this will be severely looked down upon. You can pay someone to teach you how to code (you don’t even have to pay, the bex forum is at your fingertips) but this… no.

Even if you do plan on enhancing it, there’s no point if you don’t code it yourself.

If you want some tips, there are tons of programs using vcs online that you can learn from.

I really hope that paying someone to code the robot for your team was not the intention of the post. If I am incorrect in my interpretation, please correct me.


For the competitions all code has to be created by the students. If this is for educational purposes and not for official competition, then this would be fine.

wouldn’t it be much cheaper and better to just learn how to code? it may seem daunting at first, but trust me, it’s a better alternative to paying someone on the vexforum to write your code for you.


This is not at all what the Vex Forum is for. Because of that, I flagged your post. Unless you’d like to pay me, in which case I’d unflag it.


you forgot your humor brackets, don’t want them taking you seriously lol.


Why not? I see no issues with making a little cash.



Thanks for all the replies. This is for educational purpose for 5th grade students, who are not participating in any competition, but learning C++ via VEX (because that’s easy place to start and relate to). They helped me build a very basic robot for tower takeover challenge (to keep things current). I taught them how to write a drive program (based on what’s availabe on vex forum), but I have no idea how to do autonomous programming. I am a novice coder. So, I was wondering if I could hire someone who knows VEX VCS well and show us how to write autonomous program.

Perhaps, I should have stuck with the clawbot. Even there I could not do autonomous coding myself anyway.

But, again, we really need help with introducing us to autonomous coding.

Thank you.


I could just help you with that for free


Let’s set a time, maybe do a discord call, and I can show you how to code an auton routine.


Thank you so much! Very much appreciate it.

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I’m not gonna write the code for you, but I can teach you how to do it yourself. It would be much better for everyone in the end. You keep your cash, you learn programming, and I get a bunch of likes on this post. It’s a win-win.

I can’t work tonight, but we can set a time to work this out. Do you have Discord so I could screen share?


Sorry I don’t know what is Discord. But I will google it and install it and then ping you?

Discord is a program in the vein of slack. It allows text based communication, video calls, voice chats, screensharing, etc.

Also if you ever need anymore help with any programming or other Vex related questions feel free to ask on the forums. We pretty much all do this for fun and are happy to help.


on a side note, VCS isn’t supported anymore, but its successor, vexcode, is also C++. I’d suggest checking it out first.


Thanks for the note. I realized that later. However, VCS is easy to work with because, I can easily see all the methods in a class and drag and drop them into the code. It is less intimadating for the kids. When we get serious in later years, then we will switch.

VexCode should have a blocks (Scratch) version now. So it shouldn’t be all to different. However, if you feel VCS is best for your kids, then stick with that. I don’t think that VCS has a competition template for the blocks (whereas I believe VexCode blocks does), so you will need to run your auto via a separate program than your main teleoperated. But that shouldn’t be a problem since your not actually competing.

Also a link to Discord’s site and link to the Unofficial Vex Discord where you can ask for help like on the forums.


Whatever you think is good about VCS, VEXcode does it better. VCS has been discontinued, and please please please don’t use it. As an IDE it is absolute crap.


Autonomous code pretty much looks like this

1 motor.spin direction and stuff
2 other lines for more motors
3 Sleep for amount of time you want this action to happen for

Repeat lines 1-3 till your robot does desired task

If you are teaching - please consider taking certifications.vex.com VEX EDR Educator course. It is free. Once you get your educator certification, you will be added to the Educator forum on VEXForum.com

Also, sign up for Teacher Portal on education.vex.com and there are STEM Modules your students can follow that will help them learn a lot. Also free.

Do not use VCS - it is a dead end. Instead use VEXCode V5 Blocks or VEXCode V5 Text. More platforms (Chromebook, iOS …) supported and Blocks will have a show the text (C++) mode this fall. VEXCode has built in examples and video tutorials.

Useful articles may be found at help.vex.com - including how to design parts of the robot in the engineering section (yes old veterans will cringe, but it is a start!).

Reference robot designs may be found here:

including robots suitable for this season’s game.