C project file not found

When trying to compile my project file i keep getting the notification that “the c project file was not found.” Help?

No answers, please help. Bump

Can you provide a little more info? What version of easyC are you running? Does an empty easyC project compile fine? Have you uninstalled and reinstalled easyC? Are you an Admin on the PC you are using?

Running easyC v.4.
Empty easy C project does compile.
I’ve not uninstalled / etc easyC.
I am an administrator on the PC.
If it helps, I have previous thread shortly after getting the gear for Christmas, and problems we had then. Since then I have been able to code a program to drive the robot around with the joystick controls. But I had to go thru the steps of hitting the Config system buttons on microcontroller and joystick then downloading appropriate code,etc. This has been an insane nightmare to get this to ever work, much less consistently work. It has taken 4-6 hrs of troubleshooting prior to any success, on the few times we have had success, but we have had occasional success in getting our program to compile/download, and run. I really wonder if it is a hardware issue, but defer to you.

Please download the latest verison of easyC V4 at www.intelitekdownloads.com. Uninstall the current version first and then try reinstalling the program.

You should be able to compile and download and empty project. If you are still having issues, please contact [EMAIL=“support@intelitek.com”]support@intelitek.com. Thanks.