CA Qualifying for Worlds questions

According to VEX State Championship Qualifying Criteria located here CA has 36 spots available for the world championships. When I read the chart it looks as if 20 of those spots will be earned through the CA State Championship tournament.

Where will the other 16 spots come from?

How many of these 36 spots for CA are for HS teams and how many are for MS teams?

*** I also notice the paragraph that states that unused spots may be given in a few various ways and it lists some possibilities. However it would be nice to have some clarification as to how CA is going to be handled. For example if some spots will be given to the largest regional tournament in the state (example given in above mentioned paragraph), which tournament would that be?

In our experience it has always been very clear on how to qualify, but this year outside of the CA State Championship it seems a little vague. Our teams would appreciate some clarification. Thank you.

There will be 16 High School teams and 10 Middle School teams moving on to Worlds from the California State Championship VRC Event. In addition to those 26 teams, there will be 10 California teams moving on to the World Championship based on their Global Skills rankings. We will not differentiate between High Schools and Middle Schools for these 10 spots.

Thank you very much for the clarification.