CA State Championship Trophy Plates???

Our 3 teams were lucky enough to come away with 4 awards at the CA State Championship. Unfortunately we received blank trophies without the plates describing what was won, the year, etc. It has now been nearly 4 weeks and we still have yet to receive these plates. Any idea on when we can expect them?

All of the award winners at the CA State Championship worked extremely hard to earn these awards and it was truly unfortunate to earn a blank trophy or one with a sticky note on it. I do realize things happen and sometimes deadlines are not met, but we as advisors/mentors hold our students to a very high standard. VEX also holds these students and us advisors to a very high standard when it comes to paying for tournaments, registering promptly, turning in necessary paperwork, etc. We would appreciate it if and when there was a problem/oversight that VEX correct it PROMPTLY just as we would be expected to do so.

Our school has been involved in VEX since the beginning and it is an AWESOME program. It has done wonders for hundreds of kids at our school. I’m not trying to belittle or insult anyone, but would like to point out our disappointment with how this situation has been handled. Please advise. Thank you.

All trophy plates needed have been backordered for some time. The RECF has ordered custom replacement trophy plates that are currently being made. We do not have an ETA on the delivery. Plates will be sent directly to teams as soon as they are available.

Please accept our apology for the delay and thank you in advance for your patience.

Thank you for the update. I appreciate the specifics as that makes sense. Like I said I certainly understand that these things happen. We look forward to receiving the plates!!

My old high school team got some trophies like and we were told that the plates would be shipped to us. 2 years later and those trophies are still plate less. I really don’t think they are coming :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevada state Championship this year said they were late and would be mailed to us. Was only few weeks ago so no pressure but I want my 3 number plates.

Team 64A got half the judged awards at the competition.

I thought the judges were supposed to spread out the awards…

I’s just up to the event organizers it they want to spread them out.

I have gotten two plate-less awards over the years. one of them is still missing it’s plate but the second event followed up on it and we arranged for then to give it to our affiliated team when they attended a event that the organizers were present. did I put it on: no :smiley:

Plates Received! Thank you very much!

I would like to add a suggestion. For a tournament as large as the CA State Championships it would be nice if the plates reflected that these awards were won at this bigger and seemingly more prestigious event. The plates received were the standard plates we normally see at local tournaments.

I know this is done because our World Championship Trophy signifies that the award was from the World Championships. It would be nice if the state championships signified this as well.

Thanks again for sending them.