Cable management showcase

Hi Vex forums,

Since cable management is considered as an art (in my eyes at least), I ask that people would kindly share their cable managed robot down below. Display your art! I don’t know successful this thread is going to be, but it doesn’t matter, I think this is gonna help some folks and not just me. I will post mine when I finish our build.


what’s cable management

Honestly, I’m not really new on cable management but here are some tips:
-Make sure your wires are organized and tiptied. Ex: ziptie the wires for the drivetrain and another for the lift.
- Have clips to connect motors and motor controllers or extension cables.

That’s all I can say right now but if you need more help, over me or ask others. Hope this helps!

Use insulated wire as twist ties, this way you don’t have sharp ziptie ends, and you don’t have to cut it every time you want to adjust something. You can also use the wire to hold the connectors together.
Attached was last year’s robot, and what we aspire to:

I’ve found that if any wire is far longer than the others in a similar run, it should be twisted around the rest of the run. It keeps it tighter and cleaner. In short runs, you build up a spiral and it looks cool too.
I’ve also experimented this year with hiding all motor controllers behind the cortex. There’s a half inch of space there, so it was really tight but none of the cables broke and it looks so nice. I plan on making a reveal in the coming weeks; I’ll have a few pictures there.