Cable management system

At the moment the only way to manage cables is by zip tieing them to the metal, I find that in most cases that this isnt very efficient as a lot of the time the wires need to move alot or can easily get in the way.
It would be really handy to have something like Rubber Grommits or something similar that can protect the wires when they are in contact with the corners or edges of metal.

Another thing that could be useful is that chain-looking stuff used on frc robots to bundle up wires (I can’t think of what it’s called right now … hopefully some of the other frc people here can help me out).

*Edit - after a little more searching, I found it …

Wrapping your wires in non-slip works well in many cases to avoid abrasion. HS chain works ‘ok’ as a cable protection chain.

I’ve had these same issues with the pneumatic tubing as well.

IGUS track.

Thanks for the correct term

Zip-ties should be sufficient. Use a generous number and make sure they are as tight as possible.

I was actually coming on to ask a question relating to this - would cable management items (non-vex) be considered functional? I found a nice item that would bundle wires today but held off assuming it would be considered functional.

I would think so, as they would have a function of holding wires. It wouldn’t be a “nonfunctional decoration” I have wire management systems and they most certainly are functional, protecting wires over distances.

Just my thoughts

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zip ties are great, but provide no protection to the wires

to my understanding they would be functional, as they would provide a benifit to the robot

Now for cable management , personally, i use zip ties (cable ties) and when it gets to moving joints, i loosely use elastic bands to coil up about 2/3 inches of wire, so if the wire gets to tight, it releases the wire … this works well and i have never had a problem with it so far …

Mark, Our team just wraps zipties our wires, then wrap non slip mat on the outside VERY tight, so it can go anywhere and the wires wont be touched.

good idea using the non-slip mat !

Yeah we came up with it when we decided to build this.

But most importantly, does it bend?

Well… It was able to hold up this robot and rip the wires out of the brain…

That is what is concerning, unless you label the plugs at the end of the wires, how do you put them in the right ports when they are pulled out, without completely undoing your wrapping? Also what prevents them from getting pulled apart inside of the matting?

I’ve never wrapped a large bunch of wires with rubber mat, but it’s a good idea anyway to tightly ziptie all wire connections together, just in case. It takes more time and zipties, but it’s very worth it.

I would apply heat-shrink tubing over any areas you expect to be damaged.

you can also buy reusable zip ties if you are concerned with the cost.
However, they are more expensive, and if you have team members that aren’t paying attention, they’ll cut them, and render them useless.