Cable Management

Is cable management considered aesthetic or functional ? are we allowed to 3D print parts to keep the wires neat?

definetely allowed since it is aesthetic

Wire management is usually functional, but definitely allowed under R7k. It does have to be commercially available, so no 3d printed parts.

If you are looking for legal wire management parts, offers some really great options. Check them out here:

Are Extension Cable Retaining Clips considered a functional part? And what if it is an exact replica to the clips.

Any commercially available product can be used for wire management as long as it has NO other purpose.

I feel like 3d printed parts would be fine as it is all commercially available . You just cant put a leaf or stick on your robot for the use of wiring… unless you got it from hobby lobby :slight_smile:
or just don’t use it for wiring. :expressionless: :slight_smile:

Might be worth asking for an official clarification on 3D printed wire management. Last year Karthik said no:

I think you are allowed to because it “prevents wires and stuff from falling out of the robot”. I think that if it is for organization than a non-vex part is allowed. sells wire loom for a great price. It is super reliable and our robot hasn’t had a problem with wire management since we have incorporated them. :slight_smile: @Kevin Boenisch