CAD Architecture Stuff

The robot lab is about to expand. I want to take the current carport slab, put two walls up to create a build space. Looking for a CAD package that

  1. Makes Walls in 2D but I can get a 3D rendering.
  2. I can make those walls match the current cathedral ceiling
  3. Has parts like 1/2 glass doors, 2 x 4 windows, etc.


Autodesk has some architecture software if that’s what you’re looking for.

Autodesk Revit is a great tool and relatively simple to use. You can view models in elevation, 3d, and 2d views.


Revit is really good for that. It’s basic enough to learn basic things like that plus it can do a lot more. It’s also somewhat similar to Inventor since they are both by Autodesk programs.

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