CAD Challenge Robot Design Clarification


I just wanted to clarify what needs to be included in the final report. The CAD challenge requirements says

Does this just mean the challenge requires a text explanation of the uses of the part, or does it mean we have to create a CAD of the robot that uses the part? I think “you do not have to design the complete robot” means that we do not need to CAD out the robot but I’m not 100% that that is what it means.


The key word here is “show,” which means a visual representation, not a text description. You would need to generate enough CAD robot around your part to show how your part would be used. For example, if you have a novel way to mount a wheel, show how the part interacts with the axle and how it mounts to the robot. Remember, the judges may not understand what your part is for, so include enough CAD to show how your part would be used.